Kobo Launches Digital Magazine ShopKobo Launches Their Digital Magazine Shop (GoodeReader)
At a product launch event in New York City Canadian based Kobo announced their intention of launching a digital magazine store.

Goodreads Choice Award Winners Revealed (GalleyCat)
With 24,686 votes, And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini has won the Best Fiction award at the Goodreads Choice Awards.

A Growing Obsession with Viral Content Exposes the Weakness of Most Digital Media (GigaOM)
Everyone from BuzzFeed to the Washington Post seems to be chasing after viral content because of the traffic it brings — but all this does is reinforce how doomed the pageview-based model really is.

Is Editing Teachable? (An American Editor)
There are two aspects to an editing career: business and editing itself. The business side of editing is clearly teachable.

Kindle Daily Deals: Graphic Novels (and other books)

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