microsoft surface 2FAA Approves Microsoft Surface 2 for Pilot’s ElectronicFlight Bags (GigaOM)
The Federal Aviation Administration approved Microsoft’s slate for Class 1 or 2 Electronic Flight Bags this week.

Libraries Fight Back Against Planned Closings (GoodeReader)
With libraries around the world coming under almost as much threat of demise as brick-and-mortar bookstores, one UK library system is taking legal action to fight back against proposed budget cuts in their county that will mean the planned closing of a number of local public libraries.

US Copyright Lobbyists Equate Fair Dealing To Piracy And Copyright Infringement (Techdirt)
Yep, the problem here is fair dealing (the Canadian version of fair use), open access and the universities’ willingness to swim in the convoluted waters of individual licensing rather than be extorted by Access Copyright.

Dreamworks Animation Launches Publishing Division (Hollywood Reporter)
DreamWorks Animation has launched a publishing division called DreamWorks Press, which will produce digital and print books inspired by the studio’s intellectual property library.

Kindle Daily Deals: Middle Men (and others)