iphone screenWhy We Still Need Publishers (Book Riot)
I was surprised to get this response, because I’ve always been vocal about the fact that, yes, we need publishers. I want to clear up the idea that I’m egging people onto the anti-publishing bandwagon.

2014 Smashwords Survey Reveals New Opportunities for Indie Authors (Smashwords)
This year, we break new ground with more data, including survey questions that explore preorders and series, two categories of inquiry that weren’t possible in prior years.

This Could be the First Look at the New iPhone’s Sapphire Glass Screen (GigaOM)
A leaked part provided to a French blogger appears to be the sapphire glass face for the upcoming iPhone. Based on the bendability and scratch resistance displayed in the video, sapphire glass is also a natural fit for Apple’s rumored wearable wristwatch.

Do Bookshops have a 2020 Vision? (Brave New World)
Today many continue to sell not just a narrow range dictated by their physical square footage, but a range focused purely on the new or only available through the publisher. It’s as if they haven’t read what it says above the door and have ignored the word ‘bookseller’ and replace it with ‘new books only seller’.

Kindle Daily Deal: Sophie’s Choice (and others)


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