Amazon, Target Winning Black Friday Wars, Report Says
(Los Angeles Times)

Kobo Arc vs Kindle Fire {and} Kobo Arc vs Nook HD
(Good E-Reader)

Buyer Beware: Nintendo Nukes $400 Worth of Downloaded Content in DRM Migration Fail (BoingBoing)

Open Access: Why Academic Publishers Still Add Value
(The Guardian)

Kindle Daily Deal: Porch Lights by Dorothea Benton Frank {and} four Thanksgiving-themed children’s books

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  1. Regarding the OA in academia piece, this is one of the better apologias that I’ve encountered. The author makes a number of valid points about the fact that managing all of these free inputs is still not a zero cost endeavor. Thus, the question becomes whether these commercial entities are better at this than a dis-intermediated alternative. There is also the matter of scholarly eBooks and eTextbooks. All three are driven by a quest for promotion and tenure by subject matter experts, teachers and researchers in higher education. It’s complicated.

    I take a close look at this fascinatingly complex situation in my new book, “The Coming ePublishing Revolution in Higher Education” which is available in the iBookstore ( I discuss the reasons for several publishing decisions such as pricing ($0.99) and using the *.ibooks format on my blog:

  2. Hey Frank, thanks for the comment. We love the fact you so frequently comment on the pieces we include in the Morning Roundups – it’s really good to know that someone’s digesting all this stuff intelligently. (And personally, I know how much time it takes to read all the various stories we recommend.)

    As for your upcoming book, you’ll have to forgive me if I’m mistaking you with another TeleReader, but didn’tyou and I talk a few months back about the possibility of you contributing a post (or maybe an excerpt from the book) right before it came out? If I’m remembering that correctly, is that something you’re still interested in? Feel free to email me if you’d like, at deldridge at napco dot com. And happy holidays!

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