Largest US Library Built in an Abandoned Walmart (Good e-Reader)Walmart
A sad trend is taking place with US chain retailers. As stores close, either due to poor economic conditions or due to the prosperity that drives a newly minted, larger store in a more “upscale” part of town, the landscape has become dotted with obtrusively large empty warehouse-style eyesores. But one Texas town, with the help of some financial backers and a prestigious interior design prize, has changed one empty store into a thing of beauty.
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Is the Core Curriculum Rotten? (Teachers with Apps)
There has never been more controversy surrounding an educational initiative than with the common core. Is core curriculum rotten?
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If You Could Actually See Wi-Fi, This is What it Would Look Like (GigaOM)
It is remarkable to see Wi-Fi, a technology so core to our modern existence, brought alive by color and illustrations. These five gorgeous visualizations show us how Wi-Fi networks propagate and work in the real world.
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If Famous Authors Read One-Star Reviews of their Books (Book Riot)
It seems like every couple months I see a post go around about Amazon one-star reviews of classic books. Recently there was Buzzfeed’s Depressing One Star Reviews of Classic Literature and earlier this year Book Riot’s own Johann Thorsson compiled some doozies in his post on One-Star Reviews of Beloved Books.
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Kindle Daily Deals: “The Art of Loving” by Erich Fromm (and 3 others)

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