From the press release:

MPS Limited, a Macmillan company, today formally launched its new ePub 3.0 and HTML5 content creation and conversion services. MPS has been working with several major players in the publishing industry to prepare their content for ePub 3.0 and HTML5 so they can take advantage of the many new opportunities in the digital arena that these two formats offer.

The ePub 3.0 standard, due to be released soon, has four major innovations. The format allows rich media and interactivity to be incorporated into regular eBooks, enabling publishers to more efficiently create enhanced eBooks that are compatible with multiple devices. Support for foreign language material, particularly non-Roman scripts, and improved accessibility is set to open up many more eBook markets. And design-intensive books, comics, and magazines will be able to use the ePub standard for the first time thanks to new page layout capabilities.

The HTML5 working standard, which became of urgent interest to the publishing world with the arrival of the iPad in 2010, offers the only cross-platform, cross-device solution for eBook apps. To avoid developing multiple versions of each app, and for greater independence from hardware- and software-makers, publishers are increasingly choosing HTML5 rather than the closed native software of specific devices and platforms.


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