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It’s been a busy month for me—school is winding down, so I had class plays, field trips, report cards and other wrap-ups to do. I haven’t read much, but I have been stockpiling for the summer, when I’ll have some time off. I seem to be in a series mood these days…

1. Blake Crouch | I picked up a few Blake Crouch books on sale. I found him through Konrath, and liked the first one I read. I had a chance to snatch up some others, and did so.DRM-Free

2. Diane Duane | I bought Diane Duane’s Wizards series awhile ago but haven’t read them yet. I have loaded the whole lot of them onto my Kobo for summer traveling

3. Simon Haynes | I downloaded the first Hal Spacejock book from Smashwords for free, and liked it enough to get the others in the series. Smashwords does have the complete set, but if you like the sample, you can get the first four books in a bundle off Simon’s website for a little cheaper than buying them separately.

4. Hugh Howey | I loved the Wool books so much I thought I would try out Hugh Howey’s other series. I am not a huge fan of space books, and this one has a teen protagonist which made me wince a little. But I did like the Hal Spacejock book, so this genre can work for me sometimes. And I do like Hugh Howey, so I am giving this a try.

5. On a further indie-authors note, I also picked up a freebie on Amazon featuring interviews from several ‘name’ indie writers. Should be a good read!


  1. Duane’s Wizard series is great. The only problem is the agonizing wait for the next volume after you’ve read the first nine volumes. It looks like she’s finally finished the updated (Millennium) editions, so hopefully we’ll being seeing volume 10 before too long.

    Thanks for the Hal Spacejock tip, I went ahead and picked up the bundle.

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