IMG_20151229_131532One little extra gift from my parents looks likely to stay with me a very long time after this Christmas: My new Tchibo 3-in-1 Touchpen. For any mobile device user, a stylus is practically mandatory these days, whatever Steve Jobs said. And as a writer, I can now scribble on paper or on a touchscreen – but then I’ve had that option for ages. What really makes the difference is the 8 GB of memory stashed away in the hilt of the pen.

I’ve now calculated that I can fit my entire life’s writing work, plus my ebook library and my most critical work documents, into about 2.75 GB. With 8 GB, there’s more than enough room to grow. And the one item I’m likeliest to carry everywhere with me is a pen. Sorted.

The actual model that my parents bought me already seems to be out of stock at Tchibo. But here’s its nearest equivalent. And I’m sure you can find similar from your own preferred brands. Meantime, I’m enjoying mine. Have a very happy and nerdy New Year, everyone.




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