Digital DiscoveriesThe American Library Association (ALA) has just introduced a new supplement to its American Libraries magazine, entitled “Digital Discoveries.” This is designed, according to Alan S. Inouye, guest editor of the digital supplement and director of the American Library Association’s (ALA) Office for Information Technology Policy (OITP), to help librarians cope with the “many formidable challenges and exciting opportunities for libraries within the digital content realm in the coming years.”

According to ALA’s materials, the supplement, offered on the Zinio platform, has been developed by ALA’s Digital Content Working Group (DCWG), and ” examines the ways that public and school libraries are defining their roles in the evolving digital publishing environment in a variety of new and interactive ways. The digital supplement also details ALA’s progress in advocating for equitable access to ebooks produced by the world’s largest book publishers.”

Content in the first issue includes coverage of school library ebook business models, digital resources in school libraries, and ebook discovery for libraries and publishers. This is the fourth American Libraries magazine supplement on ebooks and digital content, according to ALA.

“Each change in the publishing ecosystem has helped us gain a better understanding of what might be coming,” said Molly Raphael, former ALA president, in one article. “Much work remains to be done, but we can say that ALA has made a difference in helping libraries and librarians find solutions for working in the digital world ecosystem.”


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