I received the following email from von Heijne:

My name is Nils and I’m contacting you about the launch of uTales, set to revolutionize children’s picture books globally. We’re a new world of digital picture books for kids, created by a worldwide community of more than 1,000 professional authors and illustrators. uTales is a truly disruptive concept, and I thought it perhaps may be of interest for you and your readers?

The uTales community brings parents and children unlimited access to an entire library of digital picture books – a library that just keeps growing and that can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime in the uTales iPad app and on uTales.com for just $9.99/month (or for 15 days free trial).

We’re aiming to change the publishing industry at its core and make it more social, engaging and modern. Like Spotify changed the way we listen to music and Netflix the way we enjoy movies, uTales is the first-ever community-driven and subscription-based platform for quality digital picture books. We’re changing the way picture books are created, bought and read.

Our aim is simply to build something good; good for talented storytellers, good for parents, and good for kids. uTales is a new way to enjoy modern picture books, and in doing so also making the world a little better for kids, one story at a time.


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