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A new upgrade for the Cybook Orizon firmware is available now! Get it over the air via WiFi or download it from our site. Here’s what’s new in version 3.1:

What’s new in version 3.1


Improved user interface.
Ebooks and web favorites can be moved back and forth by sliding the finger (like turning a page).

Improved user interface.
Additional sort option to also sort by “Author” and “Publisher”.
Home & Library

Thumbnails and metadata are automatically updated when content is updated.
For ebook loans, remaining time (before expiration) appears at the bottom of thumbnails.

Faster page turn.
Option to hyphenate text for better typographic white space.
Option to switch to “Night Mode” (white text on black background).
Option to ignore publisher’s original styles (allows full customization of the publication and also faster processing of complex editions).
For raw text files (txt), language is automatically detected to apply the right hyphenation rules.
Web Browser

Improved browser response time (can be interrupted at any moment).
Improved cache support (faster navigation).
Web favorites are synchronized with the “Home” page (most recently used displayed first).
Bug fix: cookies (Gmail now keeps user authenticated).
Bug fix: no more unexpected “Connection timed out” messages.

Faster downloads.
Wi-Fi MAC address, unique address used to connect to Wi-Fi networks, is now available from 3 locations: (1) “About” box (2) when manually configuring a Wi-Fi network (3) in file .
Option to ignore a firmware update (will not be proposed again).
Option to recheck for firmware updates.
Bug fix: captive proxy detection (some free Wi-Fi hotspots could not be used).

New URL keyboard (for faster web address typing).
Enhanced web keyboard.

Improved text contrast.
Improved battery life.
Faster display refreshes.
USB connection to power adapter is automatically recognized.
Various user interface localizations.
Various fixes and improvements.
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