Screen shot 2010-04-13 at 8.41.56 AM.pngIn a new venture with Unlimited Publishing, Harvardwood is bypassing mainstream publishers and creating a series of book apps for the iPad. The following is from a press release I received:

Harvardwood is a unique organization of more than 2,500 Harvard alumni,
students, faculty and staff in Hollywood, the media and entertainment
worlds, and the arts. In collaboration with Unlimited Publishing LLC,
Harvardwood is proud to announce an exciting new program to publish e-Books
for the iPad, iPhone, iTouch and other smartphones by its members. …

The first release in the Harvardwood series will be “Lawyers, Law and
Social Change” by widely-published legal activist Steve Bachmann ’73, HLS
’76. Following it will be “Rough Magicke,” a fantasy novel by John William
Houghton ’76, and “Summer Love,” a screenplay by filmmaker G. Wayne Miller
’76 of Eagle Peak Media. Additional titles are expected to appear by

According to the release, Unlimited Publishing will be looking to do the same thing with other non-profits such as the Small Publishers Association of North
America, the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association and the California
Writers Club.


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