images.jpegOLED-Info has an article about the rumors going around that the iPad 2 will use 5.6″ and 7″ AMOLED displays and be launched in the 4th quarter of 2010 with a target at the ereader market. The new 9.7″ version is rumored to have only minor changes and still use an IPS-LCD.

The site says:

While it’s true that OLED costs are expected to drop, it’s still unlikely that Apple will find a supplier that can make enough OLED displays. Samsung can’t keep up with current demand for smaller displays (4″ or less), and their new plant will not be ready by the July 2011. There are other companies working on new OLED plants (LG, AUO, TPO) but these will also not be able to meet Apple’s demand.

See the site for more info and links.


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