humble bundle walking dead themeA new Humble Bundle is up, and it’s for comic book fans this time! The ‘pay what you want’ bundle has DRM-free digital comics including titles from the Walking Dead collection.

Digital comics are not my thing, but I was intrigued at how many ‘levels’ they are offering this time. The first level, where you set your own price, nets you four books. If you exceed the $10-ish average, you get three more. If you exceed $15, you get an extra bonus book. And then there are options for ‘everything above, plus a t-shirt ($40) and ‘everything above plus a limited edition action figure ($65).

It’s an interesting strategy. They are sticking to their roots on the ‘pay what you want’ thing, but really trying to bump up the incentive for people to pay more. I suppose if you really are a huge Walking Dead fan, the physical object goodies might be a draw for you, but I can’t say I see this working for a regular Humble Bundle of mixed books. Still, I give them props for experimenting, and for trying to bring in more money for the authors (and charities) who participate.

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