newspaper-stack[1] The Australian has a report about the predictions of futurist Ross Dawson, who will be addressing a forum on the future of newspaper publishing on Thursday. They’re not really anything new to anyone who has been following the travails of the newspaper business: newspapers to be replaced by mobile devices, iPad equivalents to cost less than $10, journalism to be “increasingly crowdsourced”.

More than anything else, it’s just a chance for the “dying” of the newspaper industry to get more press. Honestly, does it really take a “futurist” to make this kind of prediction? We can all see the way technology is going.

On a related note,  Kat Meyer from Tools of Change and Jason Boog from Galleycat will be discussing the recent waves of hype surrounding “the death of practically everything” on #FollowReader this Thursday at 4 p.m. Eastern. Sadly I’ll be working at the time, so will be unable to take part.


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