nintendo-3ds51-150x150 We’ve written a fair amount on various different apps and carts that can turn the Nintendo DS into an e-book reader. Now Electric Pig has an article about Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata talking about possible e-book plans for the new Nintendo 3DS, at the Nintendo E3 keynote.

Said Satoru, “We’re thinking about functionality where it will automatically acquire newspaper and magazine articles.” Of course, as the article points out, it’s not clear whether this feature will be seen outside of Japan.

Some might complain about the small size of the screens. However, they’re in the same ballpark as the (first through third generation) iPhone screen in terms of size and revolution, and plenty of people read e-books on those—and the 3DS has two of those screens. Heck, in Japan people read e-books on cell phones.

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