According to E-Reader-info:

There are reports that Barnes & Noble will release the Nook Color 2 within a few weeks. The company secured orders for around 2 to 3 million units by the end of 2011. The Nook 2 will have a 7″ color LCD display and beside reading will offer email, music, games and apps.

B&N’s CEO commented that he expected US$1 billion in digital revenues by 2013. The company will have to sell around 10 million Nook/Nook-Color units by 2012 to reach that goal.


  1. The original news release from DigiTimes ( is actually a bit confusing to me, because it mentions E Ink as providing “epaper backplanes,” and that this is designed to directly compete against the Kindle… yet it is a color device, which “will feature a 7-inch full color touchscreen, and support functions of email, music, games and apps.” That sounds exactly like the existing Nook Color, with essentially the same functions. And there’s no mention of a NC2 at the Barnes & Noble site at present. Something smells rotten in Denmark, here. Maybe B&N is engaging a new manufacturer to make the same product, probably cheaper… but that isn’t clear.

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