Nook-TabletIf you’re getting a Nook Tablet, don’t expect to have access to much of its 16 gigabytes of onboard memory. Maximum PC reports (based on an Engadget review) that only 1 gigabyte of onboard storage is accessible to users. The other 13 or so gigs (that aren’t taken up by the operating system) can only be used for content downloaded from Barnes & Noble (though users can plug an SD card into the tablet and get access to more storage that way).

Gizmodo checked with B&N and was told that the measure was intended to prevent customers from loading up their devices with lots of movies and music and then discovering that apps and magazines they wanted to buy wouldn’t fit. I guess it emphasizes the fact that, as far as B&N is concerned, they’re not selling you a tablet—they’re selling you a way to consume the media they also sell. (So is Amazon, of course, though it goes about it in a different way.)

It’s not exactly a new development, though—back in May, B&N revised its Nook Colors to feature the same 1-gig storage restriction. The Kindle Fire doesn’t have that restriction on its own 8 GB of storage, of course—but it doesn’t have an SD card slot, either, so 8 is all you get.


  1. There is a thread at about the Nook Tablet
    being locked down–you only sideload 1 GB (the same is true for later iterations of Nook Color).

    A poster said that B&N Stores can reformat the Tablet so you can sideload much more without having to resort to a SSD card.

    I just called the largest store in NYC (Union Square) & the Nook manager told me they did not have the capacity or (do they just lack permission?) to
    reformat the Tablet.

    Just the Nook Color (I have an early NC which had much more space avail. for sideloading than the one shipping now).

    He said it’s in the plan but not yet.

    Quote from

    B&N allows you to repartition the allotted space for B&N content vs sideloaded content. Default on the nook tablet is 15GB and 1GB respectively. But if you wanted to change it to 5GB B&N secure content with 11GB reserved for sideloading, they can do that. The process is done in store , just make the request when you purchase

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