image For maintenance purposes, the electricity around here is about to go off. Look for new TeleBlog items later today or tonight.

Meanwhile check out Feedbooks’ observations on the pros and cons of the Sony Reader PRS-505 firmware upgrade—in regard to both ePub and PDF. Agree or disagree?

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  1. Since I finally bit the bullet and bought a Sony Reader last night, I’m probably the last person with the expertise to comment on what’s changed. The reflow and the text size are legitimate concerns (I think the text size is probably easier to address than the reflow issue.) I am far less concerned with justified text than the FB folks. Apparently they’ve never had to read 8.5×11 (or A4) pages with justified text across the whole span. Yuck. Save the Ragged Edges!

  2. There’s a whole difference between justified text with and without hyphenation.
    Without any proper hyphenation, justified text can be very ugly (especially on a small screen). But for me, the best experience that you can get is with justification, proper hyphenation rules and the correct use of non-breaking spaces.

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