image OpenInkpot, a linux-based replacement for the proprietary software in e-book readers, will soon sport a spiffy graphical user interface and improved tabletlike architecture. Take a look at some preview documentation.

The reading software includes FBReader, which can handle nonDRMed ePub, unencrypted Mobipocket HTML, TXT, and a bunch of other formats.

Of special interest, to me, is that you can choose to boldface all the text—rather handy, given the less than stellar contrast of the current generation of E Ink displays. The text will stand out better against the not-quite-white backgrounds of the screens.

This is one reason why I’m so opposed to DRM. As good as OpenInkpot seems to be if you go by the feature set, you can’t use it to read “protected” bestsellers.

Here’s a list of supported and nonsupported machines. Alas, at least for now, OpenInkpot isn’t usable on such popular machines as the Cybook Gen3, the Sony Reader 505, the iRex iLiad or, due to hardware limits, the Kindle. But in some cases, you’re in luck if you own a Hanlin or Astak machines or certain other brands, so click on the link.

(Via Felix Torres.)

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