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Got an email from Simon & Schuster that will make my mystery-loving wife very happy.  Nine novels by P.D. James are now available in the iBookstore in a dedicated store.  This includes six Adam Dalglies books, two novels from the Cordelia Gray series and one stand-alone.

You can also find them at the Kindle bookstore, the Google ebookstore and direct from S&S.


  1. And is there a link to this special “P.D. James store” in the iBookstore? Can’t seem to find it.

    searching for P.D. James there brings up more than 9 books only a few of which are from Simon & Scheuster and have been there for a lot longer than now.

    So… Is this really that special an event?

  2. Found it. That’s sort of clever how they did this. And annoying.

    If you go to the iBookstore ‘Mysteries & Thrillers’ category – below the Recent Releases is an icon/link for P.D. James. Click/tap on it and it ONLY shows you the nine new editions of P.D. James novels from Simon and Scheuster.

    Search for P.D. James? Then you get all available editions from other publishers, not just P.D. James.

    I wonder if the other ebook stores (Kindle, B&N, etc.) are doing the same kind of promotion.

  3. Can’t find any in epub format for sale in Australia yet – but this is no surprise. This practice is driving many Australians to illegal downloading sites. People get very frustrated when they can’t buy a product readily available in the USA or UK because of what I for one consider to be an illegal trade block. I can buy clothes, electronics, camera parts or anything else from USA, China or anywhere else in the world, but an ebook? No.
    It’s a disgrace.

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