3 Comments on BookNet Canada looks at ISBN practices

  1. I see Smashwords says this for it’s own self published eBooks:
    “No, you don’t need an ISBN, although your book will be more successful if you have one. Why? If your book is in the Premium Catalog, it must have an ISBN if you want your book distributed to Sony and Apple. An ISBN number also increases the discoverability of your book, and yields additional marketing benefits such as getting your book listed in more online catalogs and databases.”

  2. I would think an ASIN actually would be much better than an ISBN…

  3. EPUB is the “standard” for everyone except the one that matters.

    On a broader note… It is not surprising in the slightest that ebook retailers/publishers/etc are not following the standards. The standards make little or no sense for them. Users/readers/consumers couldn’t care less. The major retailers use internal numbering to track products.

    I think the major question should be: Is there still a point to ISBNs in the digital world? We should use ISBNs for their designed purpose, tracking physical books, not try to pretend that has any place in the digital world. If anything they should track a collection of text, the content, not the format.

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