Crunchpad prototype video

Received this update from Trooper P of Crunchpad Fans. Go on over to his site to see the video and pick up on the various links in his post, which i didn’t copy. I really want one of these.

cp-logo.jpgStraight from the sounds of the tweets, a Youtube video of the CrunchPad prototype unboxing has been spotted.

Loic Le Meur, the founder who has close ties with Michael Arrington, posted the video of what looks like the earlier prototype which came in red plastic shown in April. There are no logos shown on it which are found on the new launch prototype released two weeks ago. I have contacted Loic to confirm the date of the video.

However, one thing to note is that it has a sticker on the back, and TechCrunch recently received a bunch of them. This would suggest that video was also shot recently, however the TechCrunch team didn’t have the launch prototype ready to show off yet.

When the gentlemen in the video was asked “When will you have it out”, he answered “By this year for sure.”

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