Great beginners guide to ebooks – a “must see”


This really needs to be seen full screen, but it is a neally neat guide to devices, apps and formats. It’s on Jason Davis’ Book Bee site.

Tip of the hat to reader Howard.

5 Comments on Great beginners guide to ebooks – a “must see”

  1. Usual mistake

    “Where will I buy books” really only covers “Where will I buy DRM/ Encrypted/ Secure format books”

    Sellers of non-DRM books like (Baen etc) (multiformat) and others are completely ignored

  2. He completely ignores major e-ink readers as well. Sorry, just having the nook and kindle on there doesn’t really cut it and is a major disservice to newbies.

  3. It’s somewhat out of date yes but it is still cool. I have sent to quite a few friends today, along with some additional info to update it.

    I wrote to BookBee today and they replied that they plan to update it soon :-)

  4. A beginner’s guide that doesn’t even mention that there are e-Ink screens at all and how they differ from LCD screens (and why they are popular despite being monochromatic) ?

  5. As far as C.R.A.P. laden books go, it’s missing one of the most important steps. The one between buying and reading which requires the software you find when searching for >”some_updates” tools< on goggle. Without that important step there is that you'll still be able to read the books you buy today tomorrow.

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