Brooklyn man writes book on cell phone

The latest posting on Switched has an interesting little article about about a guy who wrote 400 words a day on his cell phone and put together a novel:

Picture 1.pngBrett wrote the majority of his first novel, “The Warded Man,” on his phone during trips between his Brooklyn, NY home and his job in Times Square, across the East River in Manhattan. In total, he estimates writing over 100,000 words on the train over two years. The book finally hit shelves last month and is on best-seller lists in Poland and England (it has sold 2,500 copies in the US).

5 Comments on Brooklyn man writes book on cell phone

  1. Pfft. Where were you guys last year when news of “cellphone novels” made the leap from Japan?

  2. Cellphones in Japan? We’ve been on this one for several years. But it’s good to know the latest, including in exotic Brooklyn.


  3. Ah, fair enough. I just thought the coverage seemed a little breathless for something that isn’t a new phenomena, but that’s Switched’s tone, not TeleRead’s.

  4. Well, it is still qualifies as unique, if not original. Maybe if I’d publicized that I finished the last 2 chapters of my last novel on the on-screen keyboard of my iPaq 110, I’d be in the paper, too! But it’s not as tough as it sounds, especially depending on the phone, or the accessories you use.

    Now, if he’d done it on a traditional cellphone’s numbered keyboard, with all of that H-H, E-E, L-L-L, L-L-L, O-O-O nonsense…

  5. It’s not exactly new on this side of the Pacific either. Charlie Stross wrote his novel Halting State entirely on a cellphone.

    Of course, it was a smartphone with a bluetooth keyboard…

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