Nobel Prize winner’s books not available as ebooks

download.jpegFrom PublishersLunch daily email:

With digital discussion and diminished expectations for future print sales ever more present at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair, the crystallizing moment came down to this: the Nobel prize was given to a well-known, widely-translated author with a big backlist–but none of those many English editions are available as ebooks. I don’t think that’s a statement you’ll hear again in the future, and it encapsulates many of the dichotomies and conflicts of the current transitional moment. (Since the Carmen Balcells Agency has been reluctant to grant those rights, no English ebook editions are currently expected.) It will be interesting to look in contrast at what happens to ebook sales of the newly-crowned Booker Prize winner next week.

3 Comments on Nobel Prize winner’s books not available as ebooks

  1. Her AGENCY is dragging its feet on ebook rights?

    She needs a better agent.

  2. Ooops! HE needs a better agent.

  3. Utter stupidity. Who’s being served here?

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