Quick Note: eReader, Wattpad, Kobo iPhone apps updated

quick note.pngAccording to iTunes:

Wattpad: IOS4, enhanced part navigation, add My Profile tab

eReader: fixed a book deletion problem for the on-device bookshelf. Changed the background on the iPad for the Find and Color Picker dialogs so that the controls can be seen easeir

Kobo: choose from left or fully justified text layout from reading settings. Enjoy an improved animated page turn effect. Performance and stability improvements.

1 Comment on Quick Note: eReader, Wattpad, Kobo iPhone apps updated

  1. no mention that eReader now has coverflow in landscape mode (At least I think it’s new.)

    Nice but I wish they’d spent time making landscape mode more than a hack on the iPad instead (The controls stay in portrait orientation even if the text has rotated. Looks odd.)

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