Simba Information study: 35% of iPad owners don’t read ebooks

download.jpegThat’s what Yahoo! Finance is reporting today. The study was based on a nationwide survey of over 1.800 respondents.

“The fact that over a million iPad buyers haven’t used the gadget for e-books shows that not all new gadgets equate to a new e-reader,” says Michael Norris, senior trade book analyst at Simba Information. “Research has already shown us that with multi-use devices, reading falls down on the list of things to do.” …

“It isn’t likely the U.S. market can support scores of dedicated e-book reading devices since so many consumers only buy a small number of books in a given year and the book buying public isn’t turning toward e-books as rapidly as most think,” said Norris. “However, the current crop of devices available (including the iPad and the iPhone) provides different types of value and trade-offs to diverse consumers; ongoing surveys show that the idea of there ultimately being ‘one device to rule them all’ is false.”

2 Comments on Simba Information study: 35% of iPad owners don’t read ebooks

  1. Of course, this could just as readily have been phrased “65% of iPad owners DO read e-books”.

  2. Sadly, isn’t 65% is a lot higher than the general US population as far as reading books goes?

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