Smell of Books doesn't seem to excite

can-newbook.jpegEvidently there is some controversy about this new product.

Booksquare seems to think it is simply overkill:

So when I see a product positioning itself to recreate the “smell of books” on your ereader, I just want to scream. Stop. The. Madness. Now. …

I just think it’s time to move beyond the worries about recreating one medium as we explore another. Do we really need our ebooks to smell like crunchy bacon.

Medialoper, in a long, hands-on review, doesn’t like the product either, and even finds that it is potentially harmful:

The latest innovation in ebook technology isn’t digital, it’s aerosol.

At least that’s what the DuroSport Corporation would have us believe. The company has just released an “aerosol ebook enhancer” called Smell of Books.

The first question that comes to mind is, why? Who would possibly want the smell of books in a can?

Apparently some people *really* like the smell of books. In fact, “the smell of books” has become something of a rallying cry among print book loyalists in their fight against the insurgency of ebooks. If ebooks suddenly smelled like print books, paper sniffing luddites would have one less reason to avoid them. …

My first mistake was using Smell of Books on a Kindle. While DuroSport claims the product is Kindle compatible, I immediately noticed problems with the e-Ink display. What happened is best described as screen burn. A portion of the display became unreadable for well over a day. Even after the display became legible again spots were clearly visible over the text. I’m not sure my Kindle will ever be the same again. It certainly won’t ever smell the same again.

5 Comments on Smell of Books doesn't seem to excite

  1. I think we’ll be offering one can for free with every Frstapr

  2. Paul, as a post on April Fool’s day, this is a stroke of genius. I really don’t know whether or not this is a real product, or an April fool.

    Either way, thanks.


  3. If you explore the product site a little more closely, paying special attention to the disclaimers and the descriptions of each scent, you’ll know for sure.

    Totally brilliant. The perpetrators of this one actually don’t deserve to die in a fire.

  4. Thanks, Chris. I’m clearer now. …

    You’ve got to love the attention to detail in this product launch:

    — The various ebook file formats, including
    DuroSport Text Markup Language (DTML)

    –the 5 unqiue aromas, each one with its unique spray-can design!

    — and the page for tech support, complete with capcha.

    A lot of passion went into this project; and I’m looking forward to buying my first can of book-smell spray from the Amazon website — as soon as they offer it without DRM.


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