The Argentine Book Tank

Argentine book tank.jpgThis is not directly ebook related, but it is too good not to share.

Raul Lemesoff is an Argentine art-car artist and he has taken a 1979 Ford Falcon that used to belong to the Argentime armed forces and turned it into a “Weapon of Mass Instruction”.

I has about 900 books and he travels through Buenos Aires and through remote parts of Argentina offering free books to all.

Thanks to Book Patrol for publishing this.

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  1. We were staying in Valencia in Spain in 1984 and happened to be in the local square when a travelling book vendor van arrived for its monthly(?) visit. It was greeted with enormous joy by the inhabitants, who clearly looked on this as a red-letter day. (I suspect that Latin countries don’t have the same tradition of public libraries as English-speaking ones.) I have occasionally thought of trying the same thing, and touring rural Australia with a satellite connection and a POD printer for eBooks, but I have my doubts about the level of demand.

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