The Millions poll on top 20 fiction books of the millenium

images-1.jpegI wonder how many of these books are available as ebooks. Maybe our readers can check it out. So far they have released numbers 18 – 20. They are:

20 Gilead by Marilynne Robinson
19 American Genius, a Comedy, by Lynne Tillman
18 Stranger Things Happen, by Kelly Link

Here’s what they say about the list:

… To that end, we’ve conducted a poll of our regular contributors and 48 of our favorite writers, editors, and critics (listed below), asking a single question: “What are the best books of fiction of the millennium, so far?” The results were robust, diverse, and surprising.

We’ve finished tabulating them, and this week, we’ll be counting down the Top 20 vote-getters, at a rate of five per day. Each book will be introduced by one of the panelists who voted for it. On Friday, we’ll reveal Number One, along with the results of a parallel reader poll conducted via our Facebook group. And next week, we’ll run follow-up posts including Honorable Mention and “Best of the Rest” lists.

This page, updated as we post the list, will become an index. You can use it to navigate the series, or can check back at our home page; we also invite you to consider subscribing to The Millions via RSS feed or Kindle.

This is the page they are referring to.

Update: All three are available in Kindle editions. Stranger Things Happen is available from Fictionwise in a non-DRM version and Gilead from Fictionwise in a DRMed version. Fictionwise doesn’t have American Genius.

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  1. Stranger Things Happen is free in various formats, but some links don’t seem to be working –

    Also at feedbooks –

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