Andrew Phillips, president and chief executive officer of Penguin Books India

In partnership with a Bloomington, Ind.-based self-publishing organization known as Author SolutionsPenguin Books India made an interesting move today by launching a self-publishing platform specifically for the Indian audience. It’s a tactic that may one day soon bring the Subcontinent at least somewhat closer to actualizing the self-publishing revolution that seems to have taken over much of the western world.

Partridge Publishing A Penguin CompanyPartridge Publishing is the name of the new platform, and in a release distributed by Penguin Books India today, the company suggested that it will soon be “opening up opportunities for aspiring writers [in India] who don’t have enough means to get their books published.”

According to Andrew Phillips, president and chief executive officer of Penguin Books India, “Partridge will provide an opportunity [for] writers to get their books published in a cheap and convenient manner. I hope [Partridge] will substantially increase the number of authors in India.”

Indian authors involved with Partridge, according to Phillips, will have access to a wide range of professional services, including editing, designing, illustration, print formatting, publicity and marketing, and distribution through online channels. (Partridge books will be available in both print and digital formats.)

According to the release, Pearson (Penguin Group’s parent firm) acquired Author Solutions in a $116 million deal in July 2012. “Since Author Solutions joined the Penguin family,” Phillips said, “we have been focused on their international expansion and India is an obvious starting point, given [its] active and enthusiastic writing community.”


  1. Very glad to know that you help indian authors to publish their manuscripts…I have published a book LINES I LIKED PART 1 – It’s a collection of 3000 lines in 264 pages…so far the response is very very good…it was published in Oct 2012…WILL YOU be able to publish the Part 2 of LINES I LIKED? If you need I can send a copy of the Part 1 book for your perusal…

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