Worried about ebook theft? Here’s the whole story – in pictures

The issue of ebook piracy, whether a serious concern or just an obsession with media owners, simply won’t go away. And web hosting blog Who Is Hosting This? has just released a handy infographic on the subject, commissioned from UK design studio NeoMam Studios, that lays it all out for you in black and white – plus blue and a little pink.

Naturally, there’s considerable argument about the actual data and information on this topic. For instance, the $8.19 billion forecast in the infographic for projected revenue from U.S. ebook sales by 2017 hardly looks significantly impacted by the paltry $10 million of income for the two closed ebook pirate bays library.nu and file.it. But Who Is Hosting This? does quote a long and authoritative-looking list of sources at the end of their graphic, so some of the numbers at least will likely stand up to scrutiny. In any case, for what it’s worth, read – or rather, view – and learn.


2 Comments on Worried about ebook theft? Here’s the whole story – in pictures

  1. Physical book + band saw + high speed OCR scanner = DRM free eBook.

    Creating a Bookz scene would be easier than the Tunez scene.

  2. @Sturmovik: Which is probably why there was one for years before publishers even gave a damn. My very first TeleRead article, posted on the eve of the ascendancy of the Kindle, was about that, in fact. In postmortem, it’s pretty clear I was right.

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