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From Bookselling this Week.  Here’s a snippet:

Matt Norcross, the co-owner of Petoskey, Michigan’s McLean & Eakin Booksellers, recently talked to Bookselling This Week about his store’s strategies for e-book and online sales promotions — some successful, and others that needed a little tweaking.

The overall result of McLean & Eakin’s promotional efforts has been solid online sales, Norcross said. “But there hasn’t been a single, real game-changer. It’s a lot of little things that have had an effect.”

To promote e-book sales, McLean & Eakin advertises their availability online and in-store. Two efforts in particular have caught customers’ attention, Norcross said: a cartoon about the ad-supported Kindle, which features Edgar Allen Poe’s Raven interrupted mid “nevermore” with a Jersey Shore ad, and an e-book “how-to” poster. The cartoon carries the tagline “McLean & Eakin e-books: The same price as the big guys, none of the advertising. We sell e-books! Ask us how! Shop Local Online Anywhere, Anytime”

McLean & Eakin takes the “Ask us how!” part seriously, he said. They always have ABA’s instruction guide for downloading e-books available, and Norcross has even gone to customers’ homes to set up Google eBook™ accounts.

Lots more in the article.


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