Screen shot 2009-11-05 at 8.58.43 AM.pngAccording to eBookNewser the application has been released for smartphones. They are reporting that Kobo has said it will support other Android devices such as tablets, netbooks and ereaders in the near future.

More info here.

Just noticed that Stanza has been updated. Here’s what the App Store says: Improved stability when upgrading with extremely large libraries; Fix for some CBZ import failures; Make status bar black when hide status preference is disabled; Use PDF keywords as subjects when importing PDFs


  1. Something wonky happens whenever I try to use Stanza on my iPad to download books from my eReader, Fictionwise and Stanza.Fictionwise account. It won’t go to my respective bookshelves. It did when I first tried it but seems not to work lately. Anyone else having this problem too?

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