James McQuivey at PaidContent thinks that in the Amazon vs. Macmillan faceoff, Amazon was the real winner, because now they get to make money on Kindle books instead of losing it and because publishers will soon discover they have to lower their prices if they want to sell e-books. Personally, I think he is being a little optimistic.

We previously reported that Google had stopped carrying new AP stories as the result of their contract nearing the end of its term. Danny Sullivan at SearchEngineLand now reports that the Associated Press and Google have apparently come to some sort of arrangement, though it does not seem to involve Google actually hosting AP content as it used to.

VentureBeat reports that FusionGarage’s CEO claims the Joo Joo (nee CrunchPad) will ship this month, and they have manufacturing support from a major southeast Asian mobile phone OEM. With a 12” screen and 1368 by 768 pixel 16:9 resolution (not to mention support for Flash), it could make for a much better media experience than the iPad. No further word on the TechCrunch lawsuit, though.


  1. It’s true that publishers will have to lower prices if they want to sell ebooks. However, I don’t believe they want to sell ebooks. They’d wipe the idea from the face of the earth if they could. They can’t, so they’ll have to settle for slowing adoption as much as possible. Therefore the prices will remain high.

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