An interesting story in the Washington Post this Independence Day notes that evidence has come to light of a change Thomas Jefferson made to an early draft of the Declaration of Independence. While many words were crossed out, only one was actually “obliterated”. Jefferson removed the word “subjects” and replaced it with “citizens”. Kind of a metaphor for the whole American Revolution, when you think about it.

Remember that Kindle sale on the other day? Mediabistro’s “EbookNewser” section reports that sold 4,968 Kindles at $149.99 in under 9 hours. Pretty impressive.

A poster to the Mobileread forum reports that Sony has instituted price cuts on its e-book readers, following the example set by Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The new price points on the 300, 600, and 900 are $149, $169, and $299; they were previously $169, $199, and $349 respectively.


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