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Anton Wierenga sent me an email describing his new service. Here’s what he says I have recently launched www.offlinereading.com, a website where you can find RSS feeds for many free PDF newspapers and magazines that can be found on the internet.
You can use these feeds in iTunes to automatically download the newspapers to your PC.

According to their FAQ:

Q: What can I do with OfflineReading.com?
With OfflineReading.com you can search, download and subscribe to newspapers or magazines which can be viewed in their orginal (printed) layout.

Q: How do I subscribe to newspaper or magazines?
Newspapers and magazines are distributed using RSS to podcast clients like iTunes or Juice. To subscribe enter the Podcast URL into your podcast client. See here for more information.

Q: Can I suggest a newspaper or magazine?
Yes, you can by contacting us. The newspaper or magazine must be a PDF file that is regulary updated.

It certainly seems like a great idea, although I don’t know about the copyright issues that might be involved.


  1. Thanks for posting!

    Regarding the copyright issues (I have wondered this myself), the truth is that after launching the website 3 publishers have contacted me to have their free daily mentioned on OfflineReading.com.

    OfflineReading.com is another (free) distribution channel for publishers (all advertisement is embedded in the PDF). It’s like having a free digital delivery service for their free dailies. Nevertheless they can opt out if they wish to.

    Also notice that OfflineReading.com does not copy the PDF file from the publisher’s website, the download link redirects to the orginal location of the file. I consider OfflineReading.com to be a specialized search service for PDF newspapers & magazines (with RSS search results you can subscribe to).

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