Goodreads Posts Its Year-End Stats

Thanks to Nate over at The Digital Reader for pointing me toward Goodread’s year-end infographic summary (see below).

Some cool stats on there about the most reviewed book of the year (Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn), the most popular author interviews (Michael Chabon, Lois Lowry, Junot Diaz and Anne Lamott) and growth of the site’s membership (it doubled in size).

But what I found most interesting about the graphic was that it drew my attention to features I didn’t even know Goodreads offered. You can ‘like’ quotes? You can enter giveaways? You can join a book club? Cool features, Goodreads! I had no idea!

I’ve been using Goodreads to log my books, because the geek in me likes the stats feature. (I read over 9,000 pages this year!) Also, I can write and keep reviews without having to worry about running and promoting my own blog. But I didn’t realize I could do all this stuff beyond that. Giveaways? Author interviews? I’m there!


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