Three very different booklists to start your summer reading with

summer readingIt seems that someone has unofficially declared today ‘booklist day’ because trhee very different booklist posts crossed my RSS feed this morning. Happy reading to you, whichever list you prefer!

1) Amazon’s Top 10 Books of the Year So Far

For the more traditional types, GalleyCat has this eclectic yet somewhat predictable list, led off with a John Updike biography, then covering all the genre bases with a literary novel, short story collection, historical fiction, an account of the Edward Snowden affair and some genre YA.

2) Six Indie Titles About Baseball

For a more specific genre focus, IndieReader has this round-up of six baseball-themed books. There is a guide to baseball road trips, a behind-the-scenes focusing on minor league players, a biography and even some fiction.

3) Books to Prepare Yourself for Anything

On a more sober note, Lifehacker links to this list of books a blogger chose to ‘prepare yourself for anything.’ Topics include surviving in the woods, pioneer-type homesteading, shelter-building and more.

So, pick your list and read away!

1 Comment on Three very different booklists to start your summer reading with

  1. At the risk of being called a grammar Nazi:

    Three different book lists WITH WHICH to start your Summer reading.

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