CicretReports of a new wearable technology called Cicret raise an interesting possibility for future ereading devices – although right now this looks like very much a vaporware thing and any actual product is years away, if it ever emerges. The device supposedly works by using a wraparound wristband to project a readable interactive screen onto your wrist or forearm – and the demo video looks very persuasive.

Cicret has a website, which currently is inaccessible for some reason, and a Facebook page. The Facebook page does carry warnings from Cicret of other fake providers on eBay or elsewhere: “WARNING: we are still working on our prototyp and didn’t launch any pre-order/order of the Cicret Bracelet. So don’t trust any website selling it yet.” The original report on Slashgear also states: “Cicret is not taking part in any crowdfunding ventures, but are accepting donations direct through their webpage. We tend to stray AWAY from funding ventures like these because they include no guarantee for the consumer.” An Indiegogo campaign did apparently take place in the past, with a $400 target, but I can find no trace of this on Indiegogo now.

Cicret also offers a free, apparently unrelated messaging app on the Google Play Store: “the only intuitive, secure and free solution for those who want to chat, share and exchange safely with no chance of being traceable. The app is an innovative encrypted technology providing anonymity and full control on all contents you have shared, even after sending them.”

All those caveats aside, then, could it work? Advances in pico projector technology suggest we may not be that far off from this. Even if a projected image could be intense enough and interactive enough to make this whole proposition feasible, however, would it really be better than, for instance, a flexible folding screen? Doubtful, but your opinions on this are welcomed.


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