Yesterday, we filled you in on the fact that the Berlin-based digital reading platform known as Readmill was very close to releasing an e-reading app for the iPhone, and as it happens … the app was officially released today. (Quite a coincidence, no?)

According to the company, the newly-released app (appropriately enough, it’s called Readmill for iPhone) was designed to create what they’re referring to as “a seamless mobile reading experience for users.” Readmill, after all, is already available as an app for the iPad. And so Readmill built the new app partially to cater towards the growing number of people wanting to read e-books via their smartphones, as well as for those wanting to synchronize their reading experience across devices.

According to a release, here’s what you can do with the Readmill for iPhone app:

You can read and access e-books from your personal cloud library; you can highlight and discuss particularly interesting sections of a book; you can connect with other like-minded readers, perhaps with the intention of discovering new e-books. The app also enables synchronisation between devices, so users can read via Readmill for iPad, and then pick up where they left off via their iPhone.

“Our aim is to give readers the most enjoyable reading experience possible, whether it’s reading via a tablet or a smartphone,” says Readmill co-founder and CEO Henrik Berggren. “We understand that in different situations readers require different tools, so when you’re reading and relaxing at home, you might use an iPad, whereas in more confined or busy places, or on the go, your iPhone may be preferred. We were finding that a growing number of our users wanted to read their e-books in this way,” he adds, “and the ability to read via a smartphone has been the most requested feature within our existing community to date—so this was a natural next step in development.”

I should probably point out that I haven’t tried the app myself—I don’t own an iPhone (or an iPad, for that matter). But apparently a number of industry insiders were given the opportunity to give the Readmill for iPhone app an early test-run, and their brief testimonials seem impressive enough to me. (You can read them on the Readmill homepage, which is also where you’ll need to go if you want to download the app yourself.)

Longform founder Aaron Lammer, for instance, says this: “It’s hard to go back to iBooks after reading in @readmill. Best reading interface yet.” 

We’d love to hear from any of our readers who may have already started playing around with the app. Please do feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.


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