From DigitalKoans:

Portico has released the Preservation of Digitized Books and Other Digital Content Held by Cultural Heritage Organizations.

Here’s an excerpt:

In one response to this need to develop models of digital preservation, the NEH and IMLS awarded a grant to Portico, in partnership with Cornell University Library, through the “Advancing Knowledge: The IMLS/NEH Digital Partnership grant program” to develop a practical model for how preservation can be accomplished for digitized books. Through this initiative and other efforts, Portico had the opportunity to discuss digital collections and their long-term preservation with 27 cultural heritage organizations. In addition, Cornell University Library provided significant samples of content to analyze. Out of this research and the extensive experience in preservation at both Portico and Cornell University Library, we developed a model for the preservation of digitized books and other “document like” digital content at cultural heritage organizations.

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