AmazonBasics Netbook Sleeve with HandleSome people like to carry their iPads around in their hands. I’m not one of them, because I’m always afraid I’m going to drop it. A messenger bag is good, but sometimes it’s overkill. For those times, I like the AmazonBasics Netbook Sleeve with Handle.

Like all AmazonBasics products, it comes in frustration-free packaging, and they mean it. Rip one tab, and you’re in.

Made of neoprene, it’s light and sturdy. The padding goes all the way around, even on the bottom, so your tablet is completely protected. The handle is padded and makes it easy to carry.

AmazonBasics Netbook Sleeve with HandleIt has a little side pocket, which sets it apart from other sleeves. I usually use the side pocket for my reading glasses and perhaps a couple of business cards or my MiFi, depending on where I’m going. It’s perfect for earbuds and sync/charging cables.

My son didn’t approve of the bright orange interior, but I like it. The color makes it easy to tell if you’ve left anything behind.

The price fluctuates, but is generally around $10-$12, which makes it a bargain.

If you need to carry a lot of gadgets, go for the messenger bag or briefcase, but if you just need your tablet and a couple of other small things, this is the perfect sleeve.


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