Screen shot 2010-09-09 at 4.40.20 PM.pngAdaptive Path has looked and Inkling and they like what they see a lot. Here’s a snippet. Much more at the website.

An exciting new iPad app called Inkling has recently come to the App Store. Inkling is a beautiful textbook reader with a built-in bookstore. It’s simple to search, annotate content, and browse by chapter and section. You can even subscribe to friends’ annotations and see them alongside your own! Best of all, the interaction is fluid and perfectly suited for the iPad. The end-to-end user experience has been meticulously thought through – the whole app reeks of attention to detail. Something that Inkling does uniquely well is page navigation – ironically, by getting rid of pages altogether

You can find Inkling’s site here.


  1. I’m seriously impressed by this app. Textbook publishers need to support it, and universities and educational departments in different countries need to get on board.

    The app could also feature testimonials from chiropractors. 😉

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