Stick a fork in Rights Haven’t, I mean Righthaven—it’s done.

Techdirt reports that the company has stopped showing up at court cases altogether, leading them to be dismissed “for lack of prosecution.” CEO Steve Gibson is now working for the Las Vegas office of Detroit-based law firm Dickenson Wright (while being investigated by the Nevada Bar) and main lawyer Shawn Mangano has stopped responding to attempts to contact him altogether.

Meanwhile, well-known (and high-priced) copyright lawyer Dale Cendali, whom Righthaven hired last year, has withdrawn from all Righthaven cases (claiming she was only hired for a few small tasks anyway), and said that Righthaven hasn’t paid her anything beyond her retainer to boot. (Looks like she’ll have to get in line behind all those victorious defendants whom Righthaven owes money.) I wish I could say I was surprised.

I hope we’ll get to see some of this splash onto Righthaven’s parent company, Stephens Media, Last time I mentioned Righthaven, some of the lawyers involved said they were going after Stephens. I’ll look forward to hearing how that goes. I want to see Righthaven completely burned to the ground (metaphorically speaking) and the ashes sown with salt as an example to anyone else who thinks they can copyright troll as a business model.


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