New RSS Feed for Teleread

Some readers have reported problems with reading TeleRead on their feed reader.  TeleRead changed its URL structure slightly last February and although legacy RSS feeds still seemed to work, apparently some readers report that Bloglines has not been updating after April 20, 2009. 

The best URL for Teleread RSS is currently:

(In fact, this URL redirects you to a feedburner RSS feed, but this is more detail than you need to know).

Speaking of RSS feeds, here’s the mp3 for a great SXSW panel discussion I attended in March called Beyond Aggregation — Finding the Web’s Best Content (download mp3)  Description: RSS aggregation has reduced the massive ocean of Web content into something more manageable, but we are still left overloaded with information and manual searching. This panel will explore new avenues for finding the Web’s best content, and how this more intelligent Web will affect major media companies, online publishers and consumers. It included people from Techmeme, readwriteweb.  I found this panel one of the most informative at last month’s conference.

(I’ll try to give a longer wrapup about the other panels  for SXSW soon).

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