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For those of you who haven’t noticed,  Calibre, the great e-book management program maintained by Kovid Goyal, now contains a option to automatically download TeleRead posts as an ebook. Calibre has been gathering an impressive list of online publications from which you can choose for free automatic download. Calibre lets you add Custom News Source. Creating one is a little tricky. Select Fetch News –> Add a Custom News Source –> (Give a name and Insert URL at the bottom) –> Choose Add Feed –> On the left side choose Add/Update Recipe. Close the dialog and return to the main interface. Choose Fetch News –> Schedule News Download –> Custom, and there will be the RSS ebook you just created. (By the way, the Add a Custom News Source dialog has an  Advanced Mode which let you configure the output conversion—helpful if you know python. teleread3 The cool thing about Calibre is that its ebooks include images (at least on the epub version, which is my default). I included a screenshot below of the desktop viewer, which resembles how it appears on my Sony Reader. Feedbooks also lets you create  add TeleRead to your subscription (but no images are included) with multiple output options. In addition, TeleRead now has a Long Articles RSS feed: . TeleRead publishes lots of news and commentary, and it’s easy to miss the longer pieces if you’re not careful.  Therefore, I am tagging our longer pieces as “long” so that they appear on this feed (excluding press releases and linkdumps). (Here’s the feedbook page for the TeleRead Long Articles feed). There’s no voodoo magic  involved. You can filter any TeleRead content by category and simply add a /feed at the end of the URL. For example, the feed for my articles is

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