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The following press release is from Safari Books:

Safari® Books Online (, a subscription-based digital library of books and videos for technology, creative and business professionals, today announced the immediate availability of its new free iPad app.

The free iPad app, called Safari To Go, is available for download now at Apple’s iTunes App Store. The Safari To Go app for iPad, designed for use on WiFi networks, gives access to content in Safari Books Online and extends the popular breadth of learning resources and folder management to iPad users, while taking advantage of native iPad capabilities like multi-touch and page swiping. 

The Safari To Go App also gives subscribers the ability to watch training videos on Safari Books Online. The new app distributes video over a Content Delivery Network (CDN) which speeds video delivery and automatically adjusts bit-rates based on the user’s bandwidth and device. These real-time adjustments prevent choppy playback and long buffering times. The end result is an optimal video viewing experience no matter how the user is accessing Safari Books Online or Creative Edge. 

Also improved in the Safari To Go iPad app is the ability to cache one book at a time for offline viewing, as well as page pre-fetching for a smoother reading experience. 

“The Safari To Go application is created specifically for the iPad, it’s not just a mobile ready version of Safari Books Online,” said Traci Van Patten, Project Manager, Safari To Go. “This means that users not only get the full value of Safari Books Online’s books, videos and reading tools – they also are able to utilize all the native functions and features of their iPad.”


  1. It’s “new” only in the sense that the previous version (1.0) was slow and not a better experience than the Safari web site so they told everyone not to bother with it (1.0) and completely rewrote it ( 2.0).

    It’s really an “upgrade”.

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