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From Publishers Weekly:


After more than 18 months of development, Scholastic has begun beta tests for Storia, its proprietary e-book platform for selling and distributing its trade titles as well as digital editions of titles from other children’s houses. The beta test features 1,300 titles with the vast majority published by Scholastic; Deborah Forte, executive v-p and president of Scholastic Media, said she expects Storia to have about 2,000 titles when it makes its official debut in the fall.

Scholastic is promoting Storia to teachers and parents and has designed the app to appeal to two different age groups. “We didn’t want to do a one size fits all system,” said Forte during a demo of Storia at Scholastic headquarters late last month. Books are grouped in a 3-7 year-old range and 8-14. Customers download the free app and can chose a title to place on their own “book shelf” that users can personalize.

Thanks to Michael von Glahn for the link.



  1. Hmmm, the Scholastic web site doesn’t list Storia as a beta – it’s available for download for Windows and iPad now.

    I’m very interested, as long as my kids’ school can still get credit for purchases. All those little chapter books that get read once or twice take up a lot of space!

    Although an even better system would be a short term rental, since kids age out of books so quickly, and each of my kids has different interests so they don’t always read the same books, either.

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